New Product development

We can work to help you develop and launch new products, working with the various teas in your business. 

Data Quality

Our service assesses if your data quality and data structures are fit for purpose. 

Analysis & Strategy

Our experts will work with you, exploring scenarios to help you to devise your business strategy.

​​We would be pleased to discuss your requirements under the general headings of consultancy, interim management, back-filling, project management, mentoring, etc.
We are also pleased to discuss with you any training requirements. See the Training Tab for our current schedule but customised courses can be developed on request. 
Additionally, we have a wide network of professionals ... and would be pleased to introduce you to whoever has the necessary skills and experience to meet your needs.    

Business Consulting




We have a vast experience of developing and delivering training programmes. 

Interim Management

We can offer people willing and able to fill management roles on a temporary basis.

Monitoring and Tracking

We can help you monitor your scorecards - or deliver regular reports to you

Scorecard development

Our associates have 25+ years' experience in scorecard development.


On a wide variety of issues in consumer credit risk management

Management INformation

We work with you to ensure that the right MI is delivered in the right way to the right audience.